Designmuseum Danmark is the largest international design museum in Scandinavia. Exhibiting a long history of Danish Design, the museum serves as a source of inspiration for design enthusiasts and designers alike. It is housed in one of the finest and few Rococo buildings in Copenhagen. Rococo is a style of architecture originating in 17th century France.

Posters and museum cards were created with the mindset of framing the design inspiration within the vintage yet modern setting of the museum.

*Photographs used are from the Designmuseum's Archive, I do not claim ownership. Artists used include Toshi Matsuo ("New York Dolls" [Outtakes]), Werner Jeker ("Magnum"), & Ib Andersen.  All vector graphics are created by me.


S & C curves from the Rococo frames were simplified and modernized with neon colors. The final product takes ownership of the museum's vintage exterior and revitalizes it.